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Seattle Green Festival

Punkernoodle Baby is back from a cloth-diaper-studded Day 1 at the Seattle Green Festival 2010. The event was huge again, with tons of fantastic booths offering information, products and samples of everything from Theo Chocolate to Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay (Wow we loved this stuff!), Global Exchange Coffee and some abnormally good almonds from (gasp) California.

The festival was a bit tricky, because it also happened to be the sunniest, warmest day of the year so far (hello, June). So traffic was a bit slow, but we did get to talk to lots of parents, grandparents, aunts and aging hippies about cloth diapers and hand out lots of business cards. Tomorrow is supposed to be sloppy rain all over, so if you are thinking about coming down, just do it. The Kids Zone is so superb, it’s worth more than an admission to the Seattle Children’s Museum, honestly. Punkernoodles 1 and 2 spent the entire day there,hearing music, doing art, hanging with the patient folks from the Wilderness Awareness School and playing on the lovely wooden play area seat up by (I think) Olympia Waldorf (definitely some Waldorf school around here). I even proved my mad sewing skills by making my girls tiny felt gnomes at the Waldorf craft station, thereby saving face to the Waldorf mothers of the world in general. Though when they asked Mr. Punkernoodle about whether we’ve been involved with Waldorf, he glazed over our little experience there by saying we couldn’t afford it (huh?!) Anyway, I digress…

Punkernoodle Baby will have lots of cheap cloth diaper goodies in our $8 and $10 bins tomorrow, Sunday June 6, plus a drawing to win a cloth mini-stash. We’ll also be doling out advice at our Troubleshooting Cloth Clinic so bring your worst problems. Finally, during the last 3 hours we will have a Seattle Green Festival; 5% off everything, including Sale items. Woohoo!

Punkernoodle out.