Simple Newborn Cloth Diaper Packs!

Three Days With a Newborn Cloth Diaper KitGimme simple. Gimme basic. Gimme diapers, you say.

So you’re having a newborn and you’re not sure about all these billions of cloth diapers styles. You don’t want to stuff your tiny one into a stack of pricey one-size diapers just yet, or make decisions about the next 3 years of diapering. You just want a basic stash of newborn diapers that will collect pee and poop and not break the bank (even more than your little one already has). You want to try it and just see how you do.

Here you go. This is our time-honored newborn diaper pack — basic, simple diapers ready to take whatever your precious one throws at them. Enough diapers to get you through 3+ days. Enough diapers to make sure you’re not spending all your time washing. Enough diapers to keep up with your baby’s almost unbelievable input and output. Everything you need to get diapering, with a little bit of a discount to help out that new little college fund we hope you’ve gotten started.

Our exclusive Three Days With a Newborn kit includes:

  • 36 Infant Green Earth Textiles Chinese prefolds (7-15+ lbs.) Diaper Service Quality
  • 10 waterproof Thirsties Duo Wraps in Size One (adjustable from 0-9 months and 6-18 lbs.)
  • 2 Nighttime double-layer fleece covers for extra absorbency overnight
  • 4 Stay-Dry fleece-topped hemp doublers for extra absorbency anytime
  • 1 Waterproof pail liner to store your dirty laundry in until wash day
  • 1 waterproof wet bag to use inside your diaper bag for dirty diapers on the go

You save $10 off regular price, and our kit always includes FREE SHIPPING, a sample of Country Save detergent, and washing and care instructions. So sit back, relax, and focus your attention on that baby, not your diapers!

Get it Here.

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