Late Night Date Chat

This is what happens when you are married, own a business and you let your bookkeeping get a little too exciting. Setting: Punkernoodle HQ. Mr. Punkernoodle: downstairs computer in the diaper shop. Ms. Punkernoodle: upstairs computer on the marital bed. Chat box: open. Sadly, no drugs or alcohol involved.

11:02 PM Lukas: what’s an experience grobaby?
  cost $63
  i have my note here
  2 shells for 23.51 each
  1 soaker pad for 15.98
 me: it’s a package containing 2 Gro Babies plus 1 Gro Baby Soaker 2-pack
 Lukas: thanks
11:03 PM me: 24.95 plus 24.95 plus 16.95 plus the discount
 Lukas: I’ll stick with my numbers, which appear to have the discount already added in and accounted for
 me: yes they do
9 minutes

11:13 PM Lukas: FB-Wipes?
  FuzziBunz Wipes?
 me: ummm…
  not PB wipes
11:14 PM Lukas: oh, sorry
  yeah, pb
 me: ours, that we no longer sell
  Punkernoodle Baby
 Lukas: Right.
  FB doesn’t have wipes
  I’ll change that
 me: k
11:16 PM Lukas: BG-OS?
  bumGenius One Size?
 me: bumgenius one soze pocket
 Lukas: OK, new product to enter then.
 me: yes
 Lukas: 🙂
11:17 PM Oops, alreay in there.
  That’s the only BG in there
11:18 PM me: well now we also sell the organic OS but that costs 20-something and is a new product too
  i only sold the first one this month tho
 Lukas: bg-ospocket
  That’s what is in there,
 me: yeah, 17.95?
 Lukas: is bg-os something diff?
 me: no
 Lukas: Sold it on 7/20
 me: yeah
11:19 PM this month you will add bg-osorganic
 Lukas: Ah
11:20 PM Someone named XXX (the guilty are protected here) bought something for $439.24 on 7/20 but the receipt is blank.
11:21 PM hello?
11:22 PM me: getting it for you, it’s long hod n
  hold on
  in an email
  went to israel
 Lukas: ok
11:23 PM me: 1- Green Earth Chinese Prefolds, Bleached, Infant – pack of 36
11:25 PM 4 XS, 4 Small and 4 Medium Trsty coversh
  4 Size 1 Duo Wraps
  ooops Thirsties
  2 Size 2 Duo Wraps Thirsties
11:26 PM Lukas: duo wraps?
 me: might be new – Thirsties product, 12.75
  a cover
 Lukas: ah
  OK. Would I call it: Thir-DuoWrap?
11:27 PM me: yeah – Duo Wrap
 Lukas: OK, 4 or 2 of Thir-DuoWraps?
 me: 1 Wahmies pail liner

3 snappi diaper fasteners

1 wahmies wet bag – small I think but could be regular
11:28 PM whoa – hold on
  6 total
 Lukas: Ah
  OK. Diff sizes. I get it
 me: (they come in sizes but you don;t care)
 Lukas: Same price for different sizes?
 me: yeah
  12 Knickernappies stay dry hemp doublers
  i think
11:29 PM fuck
  thic is fucked
11:30 PM whoops – 12 duo wraps for her
  and 4 snappis (2 two-packs)
  regular wet bag
  and 8 Knickernappies stay-dry doublers
11:31 PM sorry, finally found the right email
  are you dead yet?
 Lukas: yeah
 me: 🙂
 Lukas: 🙂
  Let me start from the top
 me: she was a bigger pain than this is, if i recall
 Lukas: 36 chin prefolds
  What’sthe price there?
11:32 PM me: well there’s a pack. 73.75
 Lukas: OK, perfect
  36 for 73.75
 me: ya
 Lukas: Now, thir-cov?
 me: 12
11:33 PM Lukas: $12 at 11.50 each?
 me: ya
 Lukas: Sorry 12 at $11.50 each
  Duo Wraps?
  Size 1 first,
  Size 2, second
  (this is not for me but your recipt.
 me: you dont ned sizes…
 Lukas: I just need the total
 me: ?
  12 total
  at 12.75
 Lukas: I’m filling in your blank receipt
11:34 PM I guess I’ll just go with 12
 me: don matter
 Lukas: ok
 me: but 8 size 1
  4 size 2
 Lukas: 12 for 12.75
 me: ya
 Lukas: 1 pail liner for ?
11:35 PM how much is the pail liner?
11:36 PM me: was different then, i think 16.5
  price hanged
 Lukas: ok
 me: chnanged
 Lukas: 1 wet bag for?
 Lukas: ok
11:37 PM Lukas: 12 for ?
 me: 8
  not 12
 Lukas: oh
  ok, for how much each?
  or just give me the total
 me: 4.5
 Lukas: ok

11:38 PM is there more?
  my soul

Lukas: I’ll get you a wireless keyboard for that piece of crap
11:39 PM me: MACBOOK
 Lukas: right, you can buy 3 pcs for the price of a macbook
  anyway,is there more to this receipt?
 me: nope
11:41 PM Lukas: what about the fastner thingies?
11:42 PM me: yeah
  snappis, 4 total
  2 2-packs
  2 two-packs
11:43 PM i am losing my mind.
  shellof my former self.
 Lukas: how much for those?

11:44 PM four fiddy each 2pac
  that’s 2-pack, not tu pac
 Lukas: Snappi Snappi Fastner Double Pack?
 me: do rappers use cloth diapers for their little g’s?
 Lukas: $4.5 each?
 me: yo yo yo thas right
 Lukas: NIce!
11:45 PM ok, I got something wrong, as my total is much higher than this.
11:46 PM 12 thir covers and 12 duowrap covers, or just 12 duowrap covers?
 me: sent her email to your gmail acct just now
11:48 PM Lukas: ok, somethingis not right
  36 prefolds for $73.75
  12 thir-covs for 11.50 each
11:49 PM 12 thir-duowraps for 12.75 each
  1 pailiner for 16.5
  1 wet bag for 15.5
11:50 PM 8 kn-stay dry doubler for 4.5 each
  2 Snappi Snappi Fastner Double Pack for 4.5 each
 me: ya
11:51 PM Lukas: Total: 483.75
  Total you charged: 439.24
  Is this a no tax thing?
 me: no tax on this order
 Lukas: ok, that should be it.
11:52 PM why no tax?
 Lukas: Shipped for free, then?
 me: a friend took it to her
 Lukas: Ah
11:53 PM OK.
  It’s the right amt (just $2 bucks off).
 me: great fabulous
11:54 PM Lukas: Yep. Thanks.
 me: nice doing business with ya
11:55 PM now get up here and make me forget about diapers.

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