Can YOU Help?

diaperpin2Punkernoodle Baby is working on a fabulous event coming up here in Seattle this spring, and we need your help!

With the economy in the doldrums, uncertainty still inking the horizon for many families, and the ever-present climate concerns for our planet, there has never been a better time to advocate for cloth diapers. Cloth diapering can save families as much as $2,500 for one child and twice that for two, and can prevent an average of 8,000 diapers from landing in our landfills with each baby.

Yet for some families, a set of cloth diapers, or any diapers for that matter, is out of reach.

All a family needs to be able to use cloth diapers is a residence and a washing machine, and a stack of cloth. Nothing fancy. Having a set of cloth diapers to reuse for months and even years can save a family thousands of dollars in disposables. It also means that families in financial straights aren’t forced to make disposable choices. Being green should not be a luxury; everyone can contribute to making our planet healthier.

We are seeking donations of used or new cloth diapers and diaper covers. Once we collect all the donations we can find, Punkernoodle Baby will match that with new cloth diapers and then host our One Day Diaper Bank. The goal is to get cloth diapers to all those who need them and want to use them. Stay tuned for more details about when and where the Diaper Bank will be. And send us your thoughts and ideas, offers of help and, most importantly, your diapers!!! If you are able to contribute, shoot Natalie an email:

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