Green Diapering Class April 25

Punkernoodle Baby is hosting another fabulous Green Diaper Choices workshop! This one will be Sat. April 25, from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at the Seattle Holistic Center in Wallingford. This class is set up for parents and parents-to-be to learn everything they need to about cloth diapering (and how it compares financially, environmentally and lifestyle-wise to other diapering methods). This fun workshop is held inside SHC’s cozy yoga studio, with lots of bolsters and blankets to sit on. Students can see and play with dozens of types and styles of diapers that are typically hard to find in person. Natalie will also answer questions about cloth vs. gDiapers, water and resource usage, and the cheapest way to diaper your baby. Class is $20, or $30 per couple, and $10 of this is redeemable in our shop for any diapering products.

See a class description and get info to sign up here:

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