A New Baby

My first baby surprised us all by deciding to come into the world three weeks early, although her arrival took an exhausting and exhilerating 12  hours. They say that subsequent babies comes faster, and thank goodness she did – my water broke at 2:30 a.m. and my second daughter came into our arms at 5 a.m., beating sunrise by a few minutes.

According to the formula, our new baby should have been born in a flash. But this one took longer than anyone anticipated. After many months of planning, waiting and hand-wringing and one final push, our newest addition, www.punkernoodlebaby.com, is finally here. Our online cloth diaper store, carrying all the diapers and products we’ve been selling in our Seattle showroom for more than a year, plus some new treats and goodies, is finally live! We have some perfecting still to do, and the Punkernoodle shop will have to grow through infancy into a fierce-talking, diaper-slinging preschooler like my first baby is today. But it’s here, loaded with dozens of styles of great diapers and accessories — a clean, hip, informative place for parents to make green choices for their own kids, just like we dreamed.

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