Green Festival!


Snubbing our nose at a spiraling economy and whipping out our credit card with frightening nonchalance, Punkernoodle Baby has decided to take our fabulous cloth diaper shop the Seattle Green Festival! This is a huge event for greenies, families looking to save money in a recession and anyone concerned about climate change. March 28-29 at the WA State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, hundreds of us exhibitors will display goods and information that can’t always be found elsewhere, and definitely not all in one spot. Punkernoodle Baby will host our diaper shop smack in the middle of the Eco Kids area, a green wonderland for parents. We will not be the only cloth diaper shop, but of course we want to be the best. So we’ll have a big stash of cool products, diapers no one else will have, local and sustainably made cloth diapers, and a bunch of non-diapering kiddo stuff like organic onesies, blankets and bedding, organic cotton toys and a limited number of boogie bags (if you have a kid, you need one of these)! We’ll also have demonstrations, workshops, raffles and some unique and easy ways for parents overwhelmed by all the cloth-diaper choices to go home ready to START CLOTH DIAPERING THAT NIGHT!

See you there!

Natalie and Lukas

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