Crunching the Crunchy

So Punkernoodle Baby hosted its first Cloth Diapering class in Seattle this weekend, and it went great! We had 14 parents-to-be/parents, mostly moms but several couples. I covered a range of topics including the environmental and cost benefits of using cloth, the different types of cloth diapers, and how to choose and use your diapers. My friend Jennifer did a very interesting presentation on Elimination Communication. 1.5 hours was barely enough time to give these parents all they needed to know in order to make choices for their babies. I hope I see many of them in our diaper shop in the future!

A few statistics that came out during class generated some surprise – including the fact that babies use an average of 8,000 diapers each from birth to potty learning! And that in our large metropolitan county, 3 percent of our landfill waste is made up of used disposable diapers. Ugh. But the most interesting stuff, I thought, was from the cost comparison called Crunching the Diaper Numbers that I created. A few of the  findings:

  • Diapering one child in 7th Generation disposables for 3 years will cost an average of $2,978. Obviously, diapering a second child the same way will cost … you got it, another $2,978.
  • You can get set up with a full spread of prefolds, covers and a few pocket/overnight/fancy diapers in three sizes for less than $480. This will diaper your first baby AND your second – and quite possibly a third. Or, if you aren’t planning so much progeny, those dipes can go on to diaper others (you can earn some cash back by selling them!) and avoid the landfill heap.
  • Cloth diaper service, at least in Seattle, costs MORE than diapering your child in 7th Generation disposables – the safer yet pricier paper diaper out there.

We are definitely planning more classes – both at the Seattle Holistic Center as well as other locations in and around Seattle. I have also been talking to the mom who owns Andrew’s Playroomin Arlington about speaking up there about specific cloth diapering topics such as nighttime diapering and organic and sustainable materials. So if there are any Snoho County moms interested in cloth diaper classes, please give me a shout.

Happy (green) diapering!

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