fall_2008_1941New year, new post. And a resolution to get these blog posts coming more frequently. I think I got sucked under when the whole holiday season thing started, and the longer you go without posting, blah blah blah…

Anyway. The news:

  • We are on our third site designer, and I can finally say (this time I actually believe it) people will soon be able to shop for all our products online. Cindi is a real professional, a Seattle mama and business owner who is not going to throw her hard-earned reputation to the wind because of a few hundred Fuzzi Bunz. 
  • We now carry goodmamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First, if you haven’t read about this diaper, check out this post   Needless to say, after trying it I became a die-hard convert and almost needed one myself when I heard not too long ago that Suzanne was going to begin selling though retailers. These are not only the most amazing diapers, but they are truly little works of art. The diapers come with clever names and often-retro references that transport me back to those pre-baby days — a perfect little reverie right before I am forced to dive into one of Punkernoodle 2’s “business meetings.” And, best news of all, they are only $36 – no all-night bidding wars required.
  • We are hoping for bigger and better in 2009 – both for our little company and for our world. That said, we are planning to launch a side project aimed at addressing a dilemma that has been bothering us ever since I got knocked up with Punkernoodle 1: How to stem the tide of “stuff” that comes along with pregnancy in America today? You want the best for your baby, and everyone around goes into a buying frenzy when they hear the words “We’re pregnant.” But how can we use that purchasing power to help others? Stay tuned for more on that…

More resolutions:

  • Sell more diapers 🙂
  • Make 3 vegan meals a week
  • Be a better parent
  • Get a handle on felt
  • Emit positive energy

Happy New Year. Happy Diapering. Happy Parenting.

2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. I didn’t realize you were the owner of Punkernoodle. I’ve read your blog before (we met at the Discovery Park camp) anyhoo, if you’re interested in vegan cooking I’d highly recommend the Vegan Planet cookbook. It is very well written and has a lot of yummy recipes. I also have a few vegan recipes on my blog. I highly recommend the enchiladas. Let me know if you find any good recipes as I’m always looking for new stuff to try. My husband eats fish but no dairy & no meat. It’s challenging!

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