Yes We Can


“Barack Obama!”
“Barack Obama!”
“Barack Obama!”

That’s what you would have heard at our house on this historic day, and not from me or Natalie.

That’s what Punkernoodle No. 1 could be heard shouting to anyone who would listen. Meanwhile, trying to do her part, 1-year-old Punkernoodle No. 2, slightly confused and perhaps remembering her special little friend from daycare, tagged along chanting “Rocco! Rocco! Rocco!”

Voting today was a special moment at our house. I took Punkernoodle No. 1 with me to the voting both. She got to scribble on the voting pamphlet, distract a younger kid whose mom was trying vote near me, get a ballon from a friendly election volunteer, and help me feed my paper ballot marked for Barack Obama into the machine.

I told her to remember this day forever, and even though she’s just 3, I think she will. I also told her to remember that was when her dad still had hair.

Tonight we had our own little election party at home. We started with NPR through dinner, then watched TV, then streamed coverage over the Internet into the bathroom during the bubble bath. I will always remember that the kids were sudsy and playing “bathtub hairdresser” when Obama was declared President of the United States.

After changing into their jammies, they plopped down with us for more TV, including the acceptance speech. As Obama spoke about his own two daughters growing up in a country where anything was possible, I thought about my two girls. When he started speaking, they were strangely quiet. Maybe it was because it was long past their bedtime, or maybe they heard something in that voice. Punkernoodle 2 gazed up at the screen with wide eyes. Punkernoodle 1 kept whispering her chant.

I wondered – if their parents’ generation could do this, what will they be able to do one day?

– Lukas

One response to “Yes We Can

  1. Garion went to bed before the election was called last night, but this morning he watched all of Obama’s acceptance speech with attention unbelievable for a 5-year-old. I think this is a testament to the incredible nature of what happened last night. That, or we’ve done a fantastic job of brainwashing our children.

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