My Husband is a (Cloth Diaper) Savant

Tonight Lukas was entering inventory for the diaper biz – a process that is still very much an experiment (writers really aren’t known for their math skills). Usually, as he enters sales (yes, we’ve been getting some!) the process goes like this: He picks up a receipt, studies it intensely for about 20 seconds, then turns to me and says “What is this?”

I can’t really blame him. The lingo is complex. It’s vast. I think they’re developing a specialty in this at Yale’s language department. And of course everything is abbreviated, so diaper-savvy moms can talk faster about more diapers in chat rooms and at busy play dates. OS, AIO, organic cotton velour prefolds, AI2, pocket hybrid, SWW froggy pond….

I do have to say that Lukas bought into the cloth-diaper idea right away, when I was preggers with Punkernoodle #1. He grew up with Hippie parents. But it was I who delved into the world of cloth, figuring out the difference between fitteds and contours, checking size ranges, crunching numbers and reading up on the dozens of companies putting out good dipes. Lukas mastered the diapering itself, while not necessarily knowing the name or details of the items he was covering the babies’ bums with.

Until I came up with the crazy idea to sell them. Which leads us to the breakthrough tonight, when Lukas read a receipt that said HH OS red. “Happy Heinys One-Size?” he said casually, typing quickly.

Is the surge of pride I felt a little weird? Maybe. It’s not like this makes him a cloth diaper genius. But I do feel like, compared to most other dads out there, my girls’ papa is a diaper savant of sorts. He thinks cloth diapering is cool, and rightly so. He cares that we make a good choice for our kids and their planet every day. He can say “Mums Bums” without blushing. He coined Punkernoodle Baby, so he can tell other parents that it’s not a scary, freaky choice.

After this, he’s going to the Diaper Olympics. And I’m dressing him in a pink medium GAD with a KN loopy and a side of testosterone.

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