$300 Diaper???

It’s true. There is a cloth diaper that has sold for almost $300. And no, it is not made of gold. Or crack. It’s a hot topic in the cloth diapering world right now. Said diaper shall remain unamed, but anyone who’s been using cloth diapers for a little while and also uses the Internet will know to which mama-owned company I’m referring.

The madness has been building for months, until it recently reached a crescendo when, during an online auction, a hand-tye-dyed bamboo fitted diaper sold for $296 plus shipping. It was a bit of an anomaly – the diapers from this company usually go for a much more reasonable $100. Each. But auctions of the cloth confections create what could be construed as mass hysteria when, prior to the almost-secret relase of a miniscule new batch of dipes, stalker mommies wait by their computers to pounce. These auctions have been known to crash the HyenaCart server, where the wearable art is sold.

Cult following? Duh. Warranted? I’m not sure. But my curiosity has grown larger than my reason, so I caved last week and bought one of these fitted-organic-bamboo-velour diapers from a mom on www.diaperswappers.comwho had probably hunted it in a fit of cloth-diapering competitiveness and then had second thoughts when hubby asked where the grocery money went. I DID NOT spend $300, or even close. I couldn’t even dream of scoring a print – the real status symbol among green-minded, big-spender mamas. So I settled for a $40 natural with colored outer stitching and coordinating snaps. A couple of days ago the puffy bundle arrived, soft as a newborn lamb, its shiny new pumkin-colored snaps calling to me. 

……So? You ask. Was it half it’s cracked up to be? Can the baby wear it for 79 hours straight and not feel wet? Does it change itself, and cook breakfast and do the laundry while it’s at it? The answer is …. I don’t know. That’s right – $40, months of hype, and we haven’t tried it yet. My excuse is I have to wash it first and I haven’t gotten around to the laundry yet. The truth is it might just be too pretty.

I could always frame it and put it on her wall…

3 responses to “$300 Diaper???

  1. This story makes me laugh!!! It is true, there is a mad, crazy, cloth diaper world out there! It wasn’ long before I started to sew my own cute fluff and now I hope to share it and get those babies clothed in fashionable, squishy, soft, diapers. I can only hope that the Hyena’s will stalk my diapers one day and in the mean time provide big smiles and happy tushes with my diapers.

    I’m too frugal to buy the “big named diapers” but I am sure happy to make some of my own with wonderful bamboo velour….it is soooo soft. I am anxious to hear your opinion on this diaper, is it all the rage??

  2. aahhh the goodmam dipes! haha 🙂 I have one and I have to say, I do like it. Found your blog/site from Seattle craigslist. I’ll be reading and buying!

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