Walk on, child

Punkernoodle No. 2 is walking now. Sometimes she prefers to crawl, but rapidly less and less. And although she can walk, that doesn’t mean she’s ready to wear shoes. She hates shoes. Finally she wore them for much of the day at daycare, but they told me that she kept trying to take them off. It all boils down to the fact that she’s a resister, a nonconformist.

Although she has few words, she has learned how to tell us what she wants. An adamant growl along with a point or gesture tells us she wants water, or food, whatever she sees. It’s quite impressive. It’s amazing how much she understands when we talk to her. She climbs anything like a maniac. No obstacle is too big. But when I tell her to sit down, she knows what I’m talking about and does it. Amazing. Same with drink your bottle or eat your food.

One of the best things that has happened is that she and Punkernoodle No. 1 have learned to play off each other so much that it has become a major pastime. They laugh and laugh and laugh. One makes a sound, the other copies her. And even better, Punkernoodle No. 2 is now much more able to handle hugs, pushing and general physical love from Punkernoodle No. 1. Very cool. Punkernoodle No. 2 can also fend off No. 1 when needed, at least a little bit. A certain toughness is needed there, and she has it. They really like each other and are having fun playing together. So cool.


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