Too big for your diapers? Accidents happen…

Punkernoodle #1 had a rough night, and all because of a certain accident. The trauma, the drama. It was a sight. She had to go potty, but first she had to take her shoes off, and she wanted a snack. Suddenly it all happened too fast, and she peed. All over her clothes and on her stool that she uses to climb up to the toilet. She was devastated. She’s been fully potty trained for months.

All this time I was in the other room encouraging her to go potty on her own, one of the things we’ve been working on with her lately. From where I was, I heard an anguished cry, like something really bad had happened. I rushed in there, saw her pants down and her squatting there sort of half folded over. I couldn’t remember what she was saying. I wanted to laugh so bad, but it was all very serious and I was really trying to support her. Something about new panties, I think. I stripped off the wet clothes and tried to talk her down. She was adamant about keeping her socks on, which thankfully were dry.

The rest of her evening was an emotional roller coaster with her hanging on us all night, breaking down with another bout of crying at each slightest thing. It’s amazing what can set your children off when they’re almost 3. Little emotional firecrackers, that’s what they are. It must be absolutely gut-wrenching to live life so on the edge emotionally.

The whole episode reminds me how hilarious it is that we start a cloth diaper business and then Punkernoodle #1 goes ahead and potty trains herself early. No diapers for her. She won’t even try them on to model. It’s all about being in the “Underwear Club.” And she’s not afraid to mention that, after three months of her not wearing diapers, the rest of her class at daycare is not yet trained. And she says it with a little smirk. Such pride, such ego, for such a young age. What is that they say about pride? Oh yes, it goes before the fall…

– Lukas

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