Family poo-poos cloth diapers

So we’ve been planning this start-a-new-cloth-diaper-business thing for months, and just days from finally launching our new business (look for us at the Green Power Baby Shower at the downtown Seattle Shearton on Saturday, May 3), we started to realize how much of an uphill battle selling cloth diapers may be. Family came into town with their 6-month-old baby in tow. One parent was curious about our business and cloth diapers and the other was adamantly against them. He had done his research and concluded that disposables are better.

We showed them colorful pocket diapers, trendy wraps, the works. Tubs and tubs of them. They were impressed but unconvinced. They were hanging their concerns on how much water it would take to wash them. We were talking about not using petroluem-based products that would go to a landfill. Advantage us. Ease of use? We’ve been washing cloth diapers in our washing machine for three years. No problems, easy. The only tough part is having to use a sprayer to occasionally wash the poop off. No big deal. It’s hooked up to the toliet, just spray and drop the diaper into your diaper can. Smells better than a stinky plastic diaper. You already have to deal with the stuff anyway, so what’s one more step.

They agreed to try one. It was a tester and probably too small. Time ran short and they left without any of our diapers. Doing the right thing may be harder than we thought. We’re ready. We’re game. We think there are people who want to do this. There has to be because it’s the right thing to do. Maybe they’ll call us later and ask us for some cloth diapers. We can hope.

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